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Jeremy's Tweak - Jeremy J Fearn 4x4 upgrades

The following vehicles are suitable for "Jeremy's Tweak" if you have a Turbo fitted to the vehicle

  • Peugeot 306, 405, early 406, 1.9
  • Escort TD, Mondeo TD
  • Citroen ZX, BX, XM, early Xantias
  • Astra, 1.7 GM Diesel, engine
  • Astra, Cavalier and Vectra Izuzu engine
  • Rover 418 GSD TD
Cost of groups, 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 from £150.00 plus VAT
Cost of group 4 (needs new internal cone) from £175.00 plus VAT
Time Needed Three hours
Time of day offered 8.30am or 1pm

The BHP is raised by approx 10/15 extra, the torque is raised by the same % factor.

Large Bore Performance
Exhaust System

Stainless Steel systems available for Land Rover 90/110, 200/300 T D I and Discovery 200/300 TDI.

  • All systems are made to order.
  • Approx 4 to 6 weeks delivery.

Example price:

Land Rover 90 - 395.00 plus VAT

Other prices on application.

Stainless steel exhaust systems
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